Manor of Seduction

Hey Network!!

Wanna go bump in the night?! Well we've got just the thing!! Get out those sexy costumes and come out and join us as for a very special and entirely unique Halloween event!! Lots of groups will have parties this Halloween season...but how many can offer you an event in an actual haunted bar??!!

We always say our Couples Network events offer our guests unique, quality, unmatched settings and opportunities. For this premier event, we'll be heading back to The Old 76 House in Tappan, NY. Built in 1668, this historic venue is New York's oldest tavern and was well used during the Revolutionary War. The Tavern itself accommodated many well known patriots, including George Washington, and Major John Andre spent his final days in confinement here awaiting trial & sentencing for plotting with Benedict Arnold to turn West Point over to the British. Over the years, many patrons and staff members have reported strange experiences within these walls...objects moving on their own, knocks and bangs, disembodied breaths and voices...and yes....apparitions of Redcoats and others have been seen as well!! So come on out...IF YOU DARE...and meet some amazing new people as we share spirits among the Spirits of The Old 76!!

Your night will include:

  • A private HAUNTED venue with security, featuring amazing colonial tavern atmosphere, artifacts, and charm
  • Music and dancing to the hot club beat of DJ Angel
  • Cash bar featuring premium selections and TCN/76 House signature cocktails
  • Hot and cold gourmet hor d'oeuvres stations for your appetizing pleasure
  • Group rates at the nearby Residence Inn, featuring our TCN Post Party gathering for our hotel guests (so get those rooms and join in the fun!!)

    And of course we'll be there with all the courtesies, personalized touches, and amenities The Couples Network is known for while offering you the chance to let your inner flirts out and party like we know you can!!

Whether you're a veteran couple of the lifestyle or first-timers looking for the right event to try out, we're going to welcome you in and have you feeling that you're part of the crowd and not just another face in it at this very special event. We know you have many party options every weekend. Let us show you that there's really only one choice!! Come join us for the quality evening and experience that you deserve as The Couples Network works to KEEP THE "STYLE" IN THE LIFESTYLE!!

Doors will open at 9:00 and the party will run until 2:00 AM.

As this will be an OFF-PREMISES event, no nudity or sexual activity may take place inside the venue! But as always, a good flirty evening and hot steamy dance floor are always encouraged and welcome!

Our guest list is a screened and approved list of couples and single ladies, AGE 50 AND YOUNGER PLEASE! Feel free to contact us to find out where to sign up and for ticketing information!!

So that's it!! We're looking forward to seeing everyone, and we can't wait to go bump...and grind...with you for this very special night in Tappan!!

See ya' there!!